Blonde Synthetic Lace Front Wigs Video Show

Heahair New Style High Quality Ombre Blonde Wave Synthetic Lace Front Wigs HS0005 Video show

HS0005 HEAHAIR Video Show

HEAHAIR Best Synthetic Handtied Lace Front wigs online Shop, Ombre Lace Front Wigs, and Colorful Lace Front Wigs, which can help you get a different look in just minutes without damaging your own hair. Perfect for Halloween, themed Parties and fancy dress Parties.

HS0005 HEAHAIR Photo Show

Why choose HEAHAIR HS0005?

Cheap Synthetic Lace Front Wigs VS Expensive Human Hair Lace Front Wigs
Winner is HEAHAIR Synthetic Lace Front Wigs. Not only cheaper, but more fashionable.

Feature:Glue-less / Elastic Adjustable Strap / Three combs
Material: High Quality Heat Friendly Fiber
Length: 24”
Style&Color:Wave/Ombre Blonde
Brand: Heahair (US Brand) aims to design the highest quality handtied lace front wigs

Let’s see what the customer says HEAHAIR HS0005?

I love collecting different unique wigs and Anime on general. It’s fun to be able to change yourself so easily by wearing one of these cool wigs. Most of my wigs I have are darker and longer so I was excited to try this really awesome bright sliver wig from Heahair. When it came in I tried it right away. Right away I noticed that it was a really cool cut and has a great quality for the price. It was easy to put on and has a band and clasp in the back of the wig to keep it securely on.

Wig looks just as It Is displayed on the photo down to the last detail. Order came very early about a month earlier(Yay <3) and they responded the same day I emailed them and I have to say, sign me up as a client.

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